KARAS episode 4

The Long Awaited Part 2 of the Highly Anticipated OVA arrives with more Mysteries, Solid Character Background and Bloody Action!

It seems that after the previous episode Otoha rescued Nue along with himself after striking down one of ekou’s minion right after he came to conciousness. In return for saving his life, Nue told otoha that Karas is actually a guardian created after a soul is merged with an area’s spirit. Acting as the Karas source of power, Yurine is born for Every area on earth. But unfortunately, Tokyo had double.. due to the original guardian rebelled against the laws of nature. Thus the 2nd Yurine is born to call upon a new saviour.

On the other hand, the detectives are trying to nail every single information about otoha who miraculously recovered from his comatose in such a short time.. not to mention that he slashed one of ekou’s minions right after and blew the hospital. At the same time, Nue continues his journey to defeat ekou and retrieve his brother.

Walking firmly in the dark streets is otoha.. or his real name “Yousuke”. Killing every single person whom he once call “comrades”. At the back of bar lies Reiji.. a friend of Yousuke back when they were still with the Yakuza’s. Though, the others were just using Yousuke to do their “dirty work”.

Yousuke agreed when Reiji suggested to Run Away to New Zealand and find peace. They took away most of the Yakuza’s money and tried to escape, unfortunately Yousuke was shot and had fallen from a 5 storey apartment which brought him to his coma on the 1st episode. Good thing he was brought back to life by Yurine’s powers.

Just as everything seemed to be fine, Reiji was shot dead. That made Yousuke furious and mercilessly slashed the one who shot reiji, even though it’s a showdown with his own father. This had caused the remaining members to fire their bazooka at the willing to die yousuke. But a shining light saved him from the missiles. It was the Female Karas from episode 3 who is actually the guardian of the next town. She told yousuke to choose the life either continue being a human or become the Guardian Karas, because it is not too late to eradicate ekou and his men since Yousuke’s Yurine is still alive.

Meanwhile, Nue’s effort in opposing ekou proved futile when destroying Ekou’s Body and his Yurine had no affect on his new entity/body. Later, Ekou dugs the Karas transformer onto his heart. Thus, began transforming into a new being said not bounded by the city’s will and then forcibly punched upon Otoha’s Yurine in order to ensure zero opposition from the new saviour. Otoha’s sword had frozen Stone-Like due to this. Furthermore, the episode ended while showing Nue’s Brothers new monstrous form! Will Nue be able to save his brother? Or be killed by the brother himself. How will Otoha regain his powers?


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