KARAS Episode 5

Both Nue & the Spider-like Woman were sacrificed in order to bring forth the last tower that binds the city. Ekou said that the Mikura’s (Youkai’s that fall under ekou’s influence) were made for that purpose in the very beginning. This also applies for the other 3 mikura who already died. It is said that the towers were brought using the five elements of Water, Fire, Wind, Earth and Lightning. Unfortunately, the female karas wasn’t able to help because it’s against the laws to interfere another city’s will.

Back at the police station, the Commissioner ordered the police force to direct the citizens to a certain point of the map he gave. I recognized his face when he was reporting to ekou on the previous episode. So this must be a TRAP!

Otoha managed to save a girl whose mother died due to the horrific event. Both of them left for the evacuation place as others did. Meanwhile on the “other realm”, Amefuriko said to the other existing youkai’s that their existense is fading due to human decrease. Thus leaving no one to believe them.

Most of the people are now in the so-called “evacuation place” by the commissioner just to be fooled and eaten by the monster itself who hides his true nature. Yoshiko’s starts to regain her memory as she saw the commissioner revealing his true form and killed several people in front of her eyes.

Just before the monster “Shinjiku” tried to kill her, her father came and was drilled instead. He tried to kill shinjiku by Blowing himself with it but failed. Otoha tried to help but was flung away due to his disabilty to transform.

The fight continued above the grounds and Otoha was also drilled by the youkai. Strangely, he hasn’t died due to his strong will. He emits a goldenish aura and confronts shinjiku’s fireball. Although Otoha has broken his swords seal. The attack was too much for him, causing his eyes,face and left ear to be injured by the blown pieces of glass. This has truly blown him aside!!

Then, strange creatures starts to swarm around Otoha. A new Yurine is born out of him! This also has reattached the broken Karas Shrine. Awakened by Yurine’s words, Otoha strikes out his palm and summons The Karas. (To be Continued on the Final episode)


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