Demon City Shinjuku (1988)

My Craze to search for Quality Old Animes have yet again stumbled me upon a Great title from the makers of Ninja Scroll. However, this time.. it’s pretty much in comfort of our own era. But hey, this IS a Shounen + Horror + Romance + Supernatural genre after all that i’m reviewing… Plus, it’s an old title from MadHouse Studios.. of course it’s gonna be good. To think that an animation this fluid was made on 1988 itself is already very impressive. This movie totally owned my night yesterday.

When you talk about Shounen + Horrors this day.. there aren’t quite as gore or at least has the same Gothic mood the previous works did. For example, i thought “Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchou” was one of those series that Rocked my interest for my personal Boyish anime needs. Think Again, i was wrong.. it was nothing compared to this! Slaying demons with pretty boys or girls having superpowers by Luck or Destiny is great. But animes nowadays don’t really have that special Darkish mood that fits the genre for Horror/Supernatural viewing. To be frank, i’m a bit pissed that nowadays characters are somewhat “TOO PRETTY for their task”. Don’t get me wrong.. Handsome or Pretty characters suits me just fine. But i prefer to have it Nice and Normal without further OverPolished beauty.

Now.. for the Review, Demon City Shinjuku tells about a city that has been conquered by the evil force of Demons. Before, it was likely peaceful. But when the main character’s father died by the hands of his Rival who has pledged power from the Dark Side. The city then crumbles under the weight of an oppressive evil.

Although his son Kyoya was living comfortly at the opposite town. He was then forced to plunge himself to the inner depths of the doomed city after hearing the news of his fathers death 10 years later. He wasn’t quite the expert like his father did, but the weight of the situation balances on his shoulders after seeing a beautiful girl *Sayaka* enters the Hellish town desperately in order to cure her father who was cursed by none other than the Evil Perpetrator himself.. Rebi Ra. Kyoya must now continue his deceased father’s task before Rebi Ra summons more demon using the Hell Portal.

Sure, this anime has some of it’s similarities to Star Wars.. Like the Good VS Dark Forces.. Blue & Red Colors and the Master’s Outfit. Probably just an accidental fluke, but who cares anyway. I enjoyed it.. it’s just that i think this title can be greatly enhanced if it weren’t made short.

To Buy the Dual-Audio DVD with English subs, Surf Here:

Torrents can be downloaded from ILA-Fansubs or CitadelOfRaven.

I Personally recommend downloading through the IRC at #Anime-Supreme (

Genre: Shounen Action +Supernatural + Horror + Demons + Romance


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