KARAS Episode 6 [Final]

Several Karas from the neighbouring town came to see the fight. As expected, it was more than easy for Otoha to handle the commisionner with his powers returned.

Just as his last follower died, Ekou jumps onto the battlefield to annihilate Otoha. The city brightened in explosion as the two karas exchange blows. Ekou approves Otoha’s strength as the best he ever faced over the centuries. Otoha then asks angrily why did Ekou betrayed the city’s will and conquered it instead of protecting. Ekou replied that the will of the city encourages the well being of humans, which in the end will cause corruption. He refuses to let the humans corrupt the city as time flies. That is why he decided to take control. Again, Ekou empowered himself with human bloods that were stored using the giant roots which is made by sacrificing his followers. Otoha was blown aside.

Later, Ekou was ambushed by the Female Karas while persueing otoha. He then casts his spell on a train thus turning it into a Dragon! The weaken Otoha was captured but just about when he was nearly blasted by the dragon’s attack. Two Yurine’s immediately counter-attack with a spell that transports him to the core of the Giant Root which is providing Ekou’s bizzare energy.

Inside the core, Otoha finds out where nue was kept. But it ended out that Nue wants Otoha to kill him as it was the only way to destroy his twin brother *the main body of the giant root*. Otoha hesitated, but there was no other choice. He kills Nue instantly to lessen the pain. He then destroys the gigantic root using the newly-aligned powers given by nue thus freeing the city from Ekou’s bind.

Having lost all of his subordinate & weapons, Ekou dives straight towards confronting Otoha once again to end their fight. After countless exchange of hits & blows, the final clash of swords marks only one winner… Otoha!

Though lost in the duel, Ekou said that someday Otoha too will follow his ways. He walks slowly towards Otoha’s Yurine and Fades to dust.. He regrets not having the power to protect his Karas Sensei while he was on duty centuries ago and blames the humans itself as the cause, which in the end has lead him astray.

Then, the unexpected happened. Liutenant Governer has taken over the town and controlling the SWAT. Expressing that Otoha and his Yurine must be eliminated. He said that they aren’t humans and the youkai were at fault causing massive damage to the city. Young Detective Kure Narumi tried to convince that they were the saviours of the city and the humans neglegence was the true reason behind the city’s ruin. However, he was ignored and Liutenant Governer ordered fire towards Otoha’s main body. Of course, the Karas was there to save them. The Karas said the Liutenant Governer is also one of those people whom he must protect. He steps backward with a flash and then Dissappears along with Otoha’s body. Detective Kure Narumi confirmed that the humans once again lost the ability to see the youkai, which probably has both good & bad implications.

Peace returned, but life was never the same as before. Kure Narumi stumbled upon the figure of his former partner “Senior Detective Sagisaka Minoru”. He said “Please take care of my daughter Yoshiko” before dissappearing. A couple of days later, Narumi is seen on a bus with Yoshiko heading to another town that he claimed hasn’t lost “a certain thing”. At the same time, all Five survivors of the tragedy received a crow’s feather indicating that Otoha or his spirit lives on to protect the city as The Karas.

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