null DC beta 1.6


Another attempt to emulate DreamCast games. This time it’s much more successful rather than the previous chankast.

Find Dreamcast Games at:

Make sure to use game images included with Self-Boot (Echelon,etc)

Direction: Arrow
Action: A,S,Z,X,C,V
Start/Pause: Shift

Download nullDC:

Note: Change the Bios to NTSC version. =) Pal bios has incompatibility issues with most japanese games.

How to Play:
– Extract nulldc_100b1_6.exe. Find the folder [nulldc_100b1_6] and click [nullDC_100b1_6.exe].
How to Start
– Click SYSTEM > START and Open [Game File].

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104 thoughts on “null DC beta 1.6

  1. hola tengo un par de juegos, por ejemplo el kof 99 evolution, que andan pero en pantalla reducida. por mas que lo ponga en pantalla completa solo se ven los personajes y barras en un cuarto de pantalla. Que puede ser y como lo soluciono? Muchas gracias-

  2. Try this:

    nullDC_100b1_6.exe > Options > PowerVR > Fullscreen > ENABLE (Remember to set the Resolution)

    nullDC_100b1_6.exe > Options > PowerVR > Aspect Ratio > STRETCH

    Both these settings should be sufficient solution. =)

  3. im currently using the nulldc emulator, and i have a gamepad and want to be able to use it, but when I go to options/maple/port a/config keys for player 1, and try to set the keys so I can use the emnulator with my gamepad it doesnt detect the gamepad.. can anyone help me?? do I need some kind of plugin or something??? plz help!!

    1. go to
      select plugins
      In the Maple (Input/Saves) Plugins:
      First tab, port A
      select NULLDC JOYSTICK
      restart the emulator
      configure the keys

  4. When I load shenmue up I get really crappy graphics and I am unable to see any text. Is this a configuration problem or is my graphics card outdated?

  5. @Eleazar Manznares:
    Before setting up the control for your gamepad. Make sure you go to Options > Select Plugins > and then select NullDC Controller [Winhook] (1st one in the list).,

    Go to Options > nullDC Settings > Cable Type > Choose VGA (0) or (1) RGB. That should make the graphics a bit better.

  6. I just downloaded nulldc_100b1_6 from the link above. I also have roms on my PC (for example: Omikron). The file type for the rom I have is a “.cdi”

    I then run the emulator (nulldc) and go to “File > Normal Boot” and select the “.cdi” file. It acts as if it is loading and around 86%, it comes up with a

    “nullDC_100b1_6.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.”

    I then try to go to “System > Start” and then select the “.cdi” rom but it does the exact same thing.

    Am I not doing something right? Any suggestions!
    Thanks!!! (I havn’t played this game in years and am really looking forward to playing it).

  7. I just downloaded the VisualC++2005 from the link above. I attempted to run the game again, but unfortunately the same error as before. How can I tell if the game is/has an Auto-Boot? Where is a good place to get games that work for sure?

    Thanks! (sorry to pester you with questions).

  8. I have the shenmue game disc. When I run nulldc and try to boot the game it says Error 01 Game is not acceptable by main board. Why is this and what can I do to fix it?

  9. There are actually problems that i didn’t encounter like yours. I’m simply blurred. You may also ask at the given forum link up there. Most of the Emulator developers and pro’s usually hang-out there.

    Main Board = Motherboard

  10. Can anyone here help?
    I downloaded the whole thing and everything but when the emu starts and goes to the set time and date screen it just hangs (doesn’t let me do anything at all) the computer doesn’t freeze, the emu just hangs.
    can anyone please help? PLZ… I need to set this emu up….

    1. the first time I used the software it paused for a while, then it worked. Give it bet. 5-10 minutes and it’ll work.

  11. Aye, got a problem.
    I’m playing Grandia II on nulldc 1.6 beta
    The game runs perfectly.
    The only problem is that the sound effects (such as attacks, footsteps, some voices) don’t work.
    I’m using the nullAica plugin that came with the download, and have even tried switching it out with another nullAica plugin that was built on Aug. 20, 2008 (since I googled it and saw that this should solve the solution). But everytime I try to start the emulator, it says it can’t load the plugin.
    I switched the sound plugin back to the original, but… games just don’t have much of a kick to them without the sound effects, you know?

    Anyway to fix this sound effect problem?

    1. Dunno if this is necessary anymore, or if you fixed it, but here’s what I did. Go up to your nullAica plugin, and make sure that ‘DSP Emulation’ is checked. I had this same problem for a little while, but after I checked that, the sounds magically appeared, and the game runs flawlessly now. Hope this helps! 🙂

  12. i have a problem, I’ve downloaded this and the image comes up quite smoothly but the audio and letters in the emulator won’t come up, is something missing? please help.

  13. Gaming Experience with emulators may vary referring to each game’s compatibility. Emulators are not an official program related to the console company. You must understand that not all games will run smoothly on an emulator since there is much progress to be done in the near future.

    So the only way to lessen the impact is to test various settings & plugins at the Options menu. Each plugin has it’s own way of emulating the graphics or sound.

  14. I downloaded null dc beta 1.6 last night. i have it configed i think. it starts but when the game load i get the debug screen saying
    press any key to continue…..

    i dont know what this means? the game is prince of persia arabian night. i get the dreamcast logo then the debug screen

    Admin: It probably means the game isn’t supported yet. Try using nullDC version 1.03

  15. how can i save using nulldc? i got skies of arcadia running pretty well now but i cant save :(. This is my first time using a dreamcast emulator so i’m sorry if its a noobish question

    1. hmm? that’s weird. As long as the nullDC VMU is enabled. There should be no problems when saving the game unless if the emulator itself doesn’t support it yet. Check select plugins, the nullDC VMU should already been activated under Port A.

  16. hey sorry I’m back lolx anyway I still have a problem getting my Null DC to Work. I’m trying to Launch Sonic Adventure 2 but when it loads up, I can hear the Dreamcast Logo Come on. After that I see The Sega Symbol Come up. And then I can hear the main menu of the Sonic Game. How come I can’t see the Title Screen? and when I press the controls it still doesn’t respond. any ideas?

    Oh yeah I’m using windows vista

  17. i ve gotta a problem i everything gose well then when i play the game theres some werid lines going across the screen when i play plz help

  18. oh, that’s a graphics tearing. There’s 2 ways to handle this as far as i know:

    1. Try enabling V-Sync in your Nvidia/ATI control
    2. Try force-enabling AA (Anti-Aliasing) or AF (Anisotropic Filter) in GPU control

    1. Ways to do it varies according to which brand of Graphics Processor you use. Usually it’s either Nvidia, ATI or Intel GMA. Right Click the mouse at your desktop and you’ll see the control panel for each respective program.

  19. Hi, i just wonder how to run Canon Spike by using Null DC beta.
    I know u had mention Need to Mount NRG file using Daemon.
    But what i got is just CDI file, so i convert it by magic iso to NRG file.

    but i still cant run it.
    by the way, how to open file at Null DC beta 1.6 if i using Daemon tools

    1. I’ve been using the latest nullDC 1.3 myself so i might forget a bit about 1.6. This may sound funny but 1.3 is the latest opposed to 1.6. nullDC 1.3 was supposed to be nullDC 1.x (more than 6) but due to them currently reprogamming the gamepad plugin which makes it unavailable, they had to name it as nullDC 1.3 instead.

      If you’re mounting/booting an image using Daemon Tools, you CAN’T choose the image file using the standard method of nullDC > Start > Select Image File > Choose your CDI file.

      Instead, please change the GDrom plugin first: nullDC > Options > Select Plugins > Choose the plugin OTHER than Image Reader by drk|Raziel & GiGaHeRz. Can’t remember the name, sorry.

      That will enable the emulator to read an active disc instead. What i mean is a disc inserted to your CD/DVD Drive.

      You see, when you mount/boot an image file using Daemon Tools. It creates a Fake DVD Drive with the selected file booted. Meaning, it makes the PC think as if there’s a real CD/DVD inserted inside the Drive.

      So from there on, there’s the use of the other GDrom plugin i told you to change. It enables you to choose an active CD/DVD Drive OR the mounted/booted image from Daemon to let you play. I know it sounds kinda dumb coz it still reads the image from the Hard Disk instead of an inserted CD/DVD. But it’s all just about the pre-programmed method of the media. Alternatively, you can burn the image onto a disc and let the plugin read it. But that’s too much of a hassle. Reading the media from the HDD is much faster anyway, so why bother to insert disc? Unless you don’t have enough space.

      Usually, from this step on.. you’re done. But there’s 1 possibility that you can’t play. Which is IF the image itself is not Auto-Boot/Self-Boot. In short, all the process you did up there is useless unless the image/game file you download is truly Auto-Boot when made/handed by a certain someone. Just ask anyone at the place you downlod the file wether it’s auto-boot or not.

  20. I’m wondering… (and I think somebody else might have had this problem) I’ve looked all over the place and found no answer, when I start the game using NullDcs plugins it works but it goes waay too fast. And in forums and stuff the only solution I found was to use Chankasts or some other plugins, but when I do that it just says that Nulldc has experienced an error and needs to close. If you have any idea what to do please say.

  21. Thanks for your help, it works when i using daemon tools.
    And found that for canon spike it also works on cdi file mount by daemon.
    Thanks again man.

    And another thing.
    Can i using my ps2 gamepad using a usb converter that connects to my pc.
    But when i try on it and set the plug in to NullDC Controller [Winhook] (1st one in the list). but it still cant detect my gamepad.

    1. That means the current controller plugin stil hasn’t support the use of controllers that are connected using a usb converter. In short, you’d better use a PC gamepad instead. There are tons of cheap usb gamepad for the pc out there. It costs less than $10. Branded ones are usually expensive, an unknown/chinese manufactured pad would do the job.

      To B: Sorry i didn’t encounter such issue. Will reply when i found the solution.

  22. …umm i have a problem on my nulldc 1.6…um currently playing doa2 ultimate…the problem is it slow down when im playing…but when i remove the sound plugin…it runs smoothy…but i want the game with sounds…somebody help!!!

  23. Actually, there is no DOA2 Ultimate for DC. The one you downloaded was a modified DOA2. Originally, there is only DOA2 Limited Edition for the DC. Which is the prototype version of DOA2 Hardcore for the PS2.

    That slowdown and minor sound problem happens to everyone playing DOA2 on the nullDC. Please do the following to solve the issue.

    For the sound problem:
    Options > AICA > Config > Raise Buffer Size to 2048 if you’re using windows vista. XP should be able to run smoothly with 1024. Sound Slowdown only occur to PC/Laptop with a RAM less than 2GB.

    As for the graphics frame slowdown, only a better Graphics Card would truly solve it. If you know how to increase the core speed of your graphics card through it’s appropriate settings, that would also help. You don’t need a new gpu, an old one would do. Like Radeon 9550 or FX5500, but i totally recommend you take newer ones like Radeon HD 4800 series or GeForce 9 series instead for better overall value.

  24. …ummm is there other plugin that i can use for the specs. of my pc…?
    …please give me the site…! T_T

    this is the specs.

    AMD Sempron Processor ( pentium 4 )
    2 GHz
    1 GB of Ram


  25. No, there aren’t any other plugin except the 2 that’s already listed in the emu. If there were i would’ve update it in my blog already. Really sorry.

    If you’re using an NVIDIA or ATI graphics card. I recommend you to download their latest drivers, that might give some extra performance.

    Use GPU-Z to check which brand and model you’re using:

    Nvidia Drivers:

    ATI Drivers:

    Don’t do this if you’re not used to install operating systems, drivers and such.. it might give you more problems instead.

    1. …yep i’m not used to installing operating system whatever…so i won’t do it… i’m scared lol…but one question, in my chankast i try to play doa2 there but it says error error non-stop…how can i fix it…i want to try if my doa2 is running smoothly in chankast…

  26. Oh, I fixed it… Never mind! 🙂

    But there seems to now be an issue with my ChankaPVR Graphics plugin.

    When I want to use it, it just shows a black screen. Is there a way to fix this. (I am playing Sonic Adventure 2 and I heard the it works best with Chankast’s Graphics plug in.)

    Thanks in advance! (Sorry about the above…)

  27. i’m sorry but there isn’t, i myself am still wondering when will the plugins finally be updated.

    Not all games show black screens for the entire time, some games only show black screens during the Dreamcast logo, after pressing start (V) it will go back to normal. You’ll just have to try nullPVR instead.

    1. …i fixed it too… i changed my hertz in my graphics card…i changed it to 60 hertz…and now its running smoothly…

      …thanks for your advice though…

      …i appreciate it…

  28. Hi again, i just download some game, Thats is Capcom vs SNK2,
    Soul Calibur and Mars Matrix, but i find out that the graphic become so funny when i run those game. and for the option menu at CvS 2 and Soul Calubur it just show messy. ..

    Is that Null dc beta 1.6 still don’t support those game??

    1. hmm? That’s wierd. CvS2 was one of the earliest games i played using null DC. Everything was ok except sometimes the game pause menu distorts. The other thing i notice was the pixellated/jagged graphics, but i don’t think that’s a big problem. Soul Calibur also runs fine on my machine, dunno about mars matrix though.

  29. um i need help when i open nulldc it gives me a message saying the dynamic link library d3dx9_35.dll could not be found in the specified path blah blah and it wont start or anything it just has a white please

    1. Re-Select your bios/plugins directory inside the emulator options or install a newer version of DirectX.

  30. I have a problem with my logitech dual action controller where it sometimes disconnects and then reconnects. Once this happens, the game switches to the DC menu and starts going crazy in the memory card screen. This continues until I exit out of the emulator. I tried updating Logitech Gaming Software, which by the way works better than xpadder and joy2key. I’ve also tryed taking it apart and cleaning the gamepad interior. Any suggestions?

    1. Just my hunch, but perhaps your USB port is problematic? Try using another USB port instead. Sometimes, if the Power Supply for the computer has insufficient power, Your PC cannot be turned on from the beginning or additional items can’t be powered. Either the USB port problem or you need to change your PSU with a more powerful one 550W+.

  31. I’ve installed and ran visual c++ and direct9x, tried to change the Power VR graphics around, tried to change the plugin graphics to nulldc instead of chankast and the grphics still look color grey and 0.1d-ish how can i make it clear enough to show on a windows xp home edition?

  32. hey i have a problem with my nulldc it won’t let me choose game i want to play tokyo xtreme racer 2 for the nulldc but it wont let me choose game i click on file then normal boot and then the emulator start itself and then takes me to the music player…. is there a way so i can choose a game to play?

  33. Moshi Moshi…Anyways…I’m Having Troubles…I’m using Null DC 1.6 Emulator
    And Everything Appears To Be Okay..Expect, It Moves On Its Own… Like The Icons Are Moving Hyper Fast & I Cant Change The Settings For Keyboard Controls
    I Just Wanna Play My DOA2, MXC2, SC, etc…I Tired Changing All The Plug-Ins…I Even Set The Plug-in to None..Its Still Moves…Any Suggestions?…

  34. Hey,man3k can you tell me how to fix this problem it is really annoying while I was playing Sonic Adventure 2 in NullDC and when they speak they like Speak in the same time it is so fast so do you know how to fix this problem… and oh! It got some graphical glitches!!! can you fix this!

  35. hey sorry i left the last comment as a reply on accident and didn’t think anybody would see it so i wanted to post it again. hey i was trying to run ncaa college football 2k2 for nulldc 1. and it freezes when i try and enter the football game, it loads up and everything perfectly and takes me to the start menu perfectly good, but when i go to play in a game it freezes and won’t work at all, any idea on how to fix this? i’m using Nulldc 1.0.3 mmu, and is this the latest version?

  36. hey i have a question..for some reason when my NullDC v1.6 runs MvC2, it runs perfectly but, it’s going too fast! I was wondering how can you change the speed of the game

    1. i use an XFX HD4830 with Windows Vista 32 bit and i play it fine. Some of the problem you guys are having i did not experience, that’s wierd.

    1. Nvidia or ATI is a 3D graphics processor hardware, you’ll need to buy it. Downloading drivers without having the actual hardware has no effect.

  37. Help! I can’t change my keyboard controls! It won’t work when I press to change at the bottom it starts a countdown and when I press something it just has a Beep Noise! Please reply

  38. Hey im tring to play PSOv2, i enter my serial and access key’s and it saves them to the system, but everytime i go back to play (after ive exited the program) it asks me to reenter them AND my previous game is no longer there so i must start again… =[ Any ideas on whats up?

    1. Nevermind on the saved game part, i had multiple copies of nulldc (each with its own saves….) but the part of having to reenter the serial and access keys still persists…

  39. I have NullDc 1.06 and im still having problems with the sound. I’m trying to play grandia 2 and everything is perfect, EXCEPT theres no sound for certain parts, and it kinda ruins the game. so can anyone help me with this problem???

  40. I downloaded this and sonic shuffle awesome game btw and when i get to the character select the controls stop working im using a keyboard so i dont and i am a noob so i dont know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Im having problems with mine for some reason it wont let me start some games cause it says i have to have free memory. But the thing is i looked on youtube an idnt have the option to select the memory so i can play an save what do i do? is there a link to get the data plugin for it or file? PLESSSSEEEE HELP ME =(

  42. ok i have a intel atom processor N450 . its window 7 and its a gateway netbook. when i try to play marvel vs capcom 2 on nullDC 1.6 it lags. not the beginning just the fighting and player select. is there anything i can do?

  43. i got null dc and i dont have a gampad so i want to use my keyboard but when i go to maple/port a it doesnt let me click so i cant configure and play games it just sais keyboard:0times20 plz reply

  44. hey i need help.. i played all the games perfectly but now i have windows 7 and for some reason shenmue 2 freezes when you go to the arm wrestling cut scene at the beginning… the game doesnt respon after passing the loading area.. please help!! thanks… and i dont think the shenmue.cdi is bad because i tried already on a different computer..

  45. I’m using nullDC 1.03 and every time I boot it asks me to set the time and date. After I do that it loads the sega screen and nothing after that. I’ve tried to format the vmu a couple of times but it keeps doing it. Any ideas?

  46. okay so i have both the nulldc 1.0.3 and the beta one. the 1.0.3 for some reason is really slow and i have no idea whats wrong with it. the latest graphics plugin is from august 2008. is that bad?

    and then the beta one keeps giving me the dynamic link library d3dx9_35.dll could not be found in the specified path. why does it say that?

  47. Im trying to play a game on the Beta 1.6 but in the game i just says No memory card inserted but continues anyway. I hav’nt had this problem with any NullDC before,anyone know what to do

  48. When I try to launch nulldc it shows me that it cant find msvcp100.dll
    Im using windows vista.
    Ps. Its my second pc and on other it isnt working anyway.

    1. That file is already available in Windows Folder, u just gotta find it and copy it to the nullDC folder. The emulator can’t read the file inside win folder so u need to copy it yourself inside the nullDC.

  49. OMG where to start….had no idea how to configure the controllers n when i finally did…it’s as if the joystick was jammed and it just kept going up and down on the menu…

    then i couldn’t find a way to open up games on it… help?

  50. Hey. i’ve got a problem :S when i launch SA2 on the 1.6 beta null dc… it works fine but there seems to be a yellow vertical strp that stays in place and respawns in the same place on my screen after a few seconds of moving 😦 is there a way to solvw rhi? i would really be happy if you could reply.

    Thanks 🙂

  51. ok i have a problem, i recently got into the emu scene, and i started with the nes and moved on to the dreamcast. im curretly using the null dc 1.4 i guess its the newest version, most games work fine, im tryiung to run nfl 2k, nfll 2k1, nfl 2k2, they all load fine, i can even get into the game menu, but after choosing teams, and i hit the start button, the game just freeze’s. ive tryed all kinds of downloads of the game from .cdi’s to gdi formats, im really stuck and have no idea. i need help?

  52. Hi, I could really use some help please. Im using NullDC version 1.0.3 on vista and twice now, while playing skies of arcadia (which has worked fine up until this crash), the game has crashed to a black screen after I’ve left the in-game menu (using the “C” button). I can handle the occasional crash… but restarted the emulator then and now when I try to play, the game no longer works at all. This has happened twice (I restarted the game by reinstalling the emulator first time round).

    When I start the game up, the screen loads the DC logo and asks for the date and time to be input, then it starts loading the game (game music is audible, though no picture shows), then I press v (A) or shift (start) and the screen changes from a grey or purple screen to a black one and the game music stops… nothing further happens.

    When I tried changing what I think is the video plugin, to the chankurst one, it loaded up what appeared to be a cheats screen (giving me options to give characters infinite health etc), which it never did before :s…. when I try to move on from this screen, the game crashes to a black screen again. Chankurst plugin graphics also seemed to be bordering on making the game unplayable (So I need to get the game running on the NullDC video plugin again plz).

    Skies of Arcadia ran near-perfectly up until these crashes. Sometimes these crashes (when leaving the in-game menu) occurred but without the game then failing to work once re-booted. I am not clued up on how the emulator works at all and only managed to get it working using a youtube video as a guide.

    So please tell me how to get the game to load and/or how to avoid this problem in future (in reasonably simple terms) if you can. I can’t face starting again just to have it irreversibly crash on me again :(.

  53. I have found the solution to my own problem :). I will post it here to help others.

    The problem: On Skies of Arcadia, NullDC 1.0.3., sometimes, the game will crash to a black screen after exiting the in-game menu (which is reached via default key “C”). Sometimes, this black screen will then come up permanently when you try to re-start the game/emulator (making it unplayable).

    The solution: Deletion of the “flash.wb” file from the “Data” folder that is present within the (NullDC) emulator solves this problem. I.E. go to your emulator folder, then the folder “data”, then simply delete this file. The game should run perfectly after this, though the problem may re-occur eventually. If so, simply repeat the process again. Back the file up before deleting it if concerned that it may cause issues. It has worked perfectly for me (and save games are not lost).

    1. I tried this once back in 2008 but i couldn’t recall, your reply made me remember haha. But this only solves black screen problem for some games. There are many other titles that are still unplayable for example Royal Rumble.

  54. hey, i have a problem playing the gme with my controller. it wont work at all. i cant configure it either. i followed the steps posted previously on her. i have nulldc joystick chosen for port A but it still wont let me config my 360 controller

  55. I’m playing Resident Evil Code Veronica and I’ve downloaded some Savegames from the web, when I take a look at my Memory Card the files are there but when I play and try to find those files I can’t find them, there are only the files I’ve saved when I played…What can I do? HELP

  56. i got a problem when i play sonic adventure 2 on the title it go’s quick but then it starts going slow for some reason can somebody help me!!!!!!!!?

  57. aye! Man3k, can you please tell me some websites where i can download plugin’s of image reader because im having the same problem bout .cdi . as you said we can use other Choose the plugin OTHER than Image Reader by drk|Raziel & GiGaHeRz but i only have Reader by drk|Raziel & GiGaHeRz.. thnxin advance man.

    1. Yo Man3k, i saw u’re replying here since 2k8 till now on this post, thank you for your time to help us. anyway,can u direct me to that nulldc v1.0.6 beta,cause i cant find any download link , only the last one u gave us and its for v1.0.4… i have that version long time ago,but i want to try new one,so can u (again) give us downloading link for 1.0.6 ?

  58. i really wanna play dreamcast but dont got no luck gettin it to work email me plz or txt me 856 899 2676

  59. i got 2 problem playing sonic adventure 2. first the sound is terrible and second the average fps is 162 help plz

  60. Hey every time I try and use the Emulator for SoA it seems as if all the pixels are way too streched i dont really mind its just text just doesnt appear at all so there isnt any way i could possibly play, i have the theory its because my Null-Dc dont seem to have a borders choise i open the Power VR but all i get is the differnet Zwrites and the fullscreen setting

    1. Usually 1gb cards are more than sufficient for Dreamcast emulators. But if you wanna try Wii or PS2 emu, u gotta have GT240 or above. See, graphic cards are NOT about the higher/bigger memory u have. But the technology within it. The more recent the card is, the better. For starters, there are 3 range of GPU. Low-End, Middle-Range and High-End. Mid-range cards are best choice for emu purpose as it’s powerful enough and not too pricey.

  61. hi there, i just downloaded nulldc 1.6 but when i try and start it, it says i need a nullGDR_Win32.dll please help because im new to this stuff

  62. plz help me . i have problem with nulldc 1.6 i download it from my office and it work, but when i copy it on my own computer, theres a problem say like this, “nulldc 1.6 cant be open ,please re-install the program and try again , blah blah blah.. ” my computer is to old for this emu?
    my specs
    p4 3.0 ghz
    1 gb of ram
    vga : geforce 6600 128mb 128 bit

    some one can help me?

  63. hello people I tried the 1.0.0b version and worked great in some games (ikaruga and soul calibur), then I read that the 1.0.0 b1.6 version was the best and want to try it.
    after install I run it and an error message appears “unable to reserve null memory” and have to close the error message and the emu crashes.
    have you seen this error? any ideas to solve it?
    excuse my english please, I´m form Argentina, thks.

  64. While I was starting up to play CvSNK, I had realized that I had no memory card, is there a way to add one in the emulator?

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