Over Drive


Introducing Shinozaki Mikoto, a no-brainer who’s everyday life is like a scheduled routine. Stuff like going to school and then goes back home on and on without a change. Until one day, a girl that he likes talks him to join her brother’s bicycle club.

His life now has a new meaning. Experiencing both failure and success throughout the training he endured, Shinozaki works hard to become the best cyclist in the world! What for? To Prove his Love for Bicycling? or Fukuzawa? or the Meaning to his Life?

The series starts-off a bit slow, but keep in mind that there’s no shortcut to success. That’s exactly what the anime wants to potray in Shinozaki. His Life,his Love,his Struggle and his New Perception in life.. just by falling in love with Bicycling.

Official Site: http://www.xebec-inc.co.jp/anime/overdrive
Overall Episodes: 26

English Fansubs: http://toki-fansubs.blogspot.com/
Direct Download: http://animemagicbox.com/


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