Guyver – The Bioboosted Armor

The Bio-Boosted Armor Guyver, is an original work of Yoshiki Takaya. Guyver has been a long-running manga since 1985 and still running strong to this day. Due to popularity of its time, Guyver has been adapted for an Original Video Animation that consists 12 episodes and 2 Live-Action movie back in 1991 and 1994. *My favourite was the 2nd movie: Dark Hero* In Half of 2005, Guyver comes again in a form of Anime TV Series consisting 26 episodes. The latest TV series is added with more story up to Volume 9 of the running manga and up-to-date character design.

Fukamachi Sho is dragged onto a new reality of chaos when one day he accidently activated the “Unit-G”. The material then gave him unsurpassed abilities prior to alien technology, to become the Guyver. However, the fact that he wields the suit itself made him the target of a sinister worldwide organization called “Cronos”. Soon enough, wild grotesque creatures started hunting sho for the lost unit-G and his life is never the same as before.

Sho is forced to battle the japanese cronos branch for fearing that his family and friends would be endangered. Little did he knew that Cronos itself is commanded by 12 ZoaLord warriors who are far stronger than the usual ZoaNoids that were ordered to capture him. An unimaginable Dark journey awaits to be unveiled…

Later, he joined forces with Masaki Murakami. Someone who was in persue of the cronos for revenge, given that he knows most of the terror that awaits his companion. He was one of the people who were captured for early experimental creation of the 12th ZoaLord, Richard Guyot.

Makishima Agito will later be revealed as Guyver III. He calls himself “Zeus” *Son of Cronos in Mythological Roman Tales* due to himself being a legitimate successor of the Japanese Cronos Branch and then betrays it for personal reasons.

With the summary told, i dare to say Guyver isn’t just any fictional superhero story but instead, it is indeed Mysterious, Dark and incredibly Epic! Those who have finished watching can continue to enjoy the story starting from Volume 10 of the manga. (Latest volume is 26)

Misc: David Hayter, the actor for Guyver Movie 2 is also the one who voiced for Snake in the Metal Gear Solid game series by Konami.

English Fansub by Huzzah:
DVD-Rips by AnimeCorpX:


4 thoughts on “Guyver – The Bioboosted Armor

  1. If you’re referring to the Anime, then i’ll say there ISN’T a new continuation besides the 2005 remake. But if you’re referring to the manga/comic, it’s still on-going in Japan and some other countries that still have it translated in english despite many other having to drop the series as it is very,very slow in release. Every Volume took nearly a year to complete by chapters.

    You can find Scanlated (Scan & Edited/Translated) manga of Guyver at:

  2. Hahaha, I just happen to be translating the manga volume 10 for Guyver for a local publisher.

    I haven’t seen the anime, but I really liked Guyver back when I was still a toddler! Love that armour!

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