Vexille: Nihon Sakoku

If you just can’t wait for the 2nd installment of the Appleseed Movie (Deus-EX Machina) then i’ve got the answer for you.
Vexille is the 2nd project from the creators of Appleseed, it tells about the world where 10 years has passed since Japan decided to leave the United Nations and go into isolation. They have completely surrounded the country with an ultra magnetic field called the R.A.C.E Network which prevents anyone to see what is occuring inside, nor for people to travel in/out of the country. This a result when Japan breached the UN treaty that prohibits the development of all bio and robot technology which has evolved drastically and has become a threat to mankind.

The US government sends in a special task force SWORD, lead by Commander Leon Fayden & female Lt. commander Vexille Serra to investigate what is really happening inside the barricaded country. After a decade of isolation, what has become of Japan? and what was true reason behind it?

SWORD team had to go with underwater measures by diving under the Cargo ship just to get through the R.A.C.E network’s scan in order to succesfully infiltrate the current Japan. Only to be ambushed by the guards lead by Saito, the current ruler’s bodyguard.

Their mission was to establish a connection within Japan so that the HQ will receive incoming connnection via satellite. But due to being ambushed as soon as they get inside, Leon ordered for the orders to scatter while letting Vexille escape through the sea. She barely made it to the sea and then fainted.

Upon awakening, Vexille founds herself inside a container-house. Although having met the boy (Takashi) who watched over her. She quickly runs outside to see what kind of place did she end up reaching, but someone arms a pistol behind her and told her to get back inside the house. The person then introduces her name is Maria and explains the current place is the present Tokyo, Nothing like it’s glorious past.

It all begins when Daiwa Heavy Industries took over the country and sends an unknown immunization to the entire country. Not knowing that the vaccine is actually a cyber-virus which converts every cell structure inside the body into bio-metal. Only time will tell when the virus spreads through the brain and fully transforms them into an incomplete living machine due the virus itself still imperfect.

Later, Maria explains to Vexille that Daiwa Heavy Industries have retreated to a certain island near Japan. After massively destroying nearly the whole Japanese nation using their failed experiments called “Jags”, A worm-like experimental being from the Android project that absorbs metal and grow bigger by time to time. This was the reason why only tokyo is the remaining city in Japan.

Japanese Audio DVD-Rip with SRT English subs

(Summary is in progress)


3 thoughts on “Vexille: Nihon Sakoku

  1. hurm..
    cambesh je review dier ni..
    lom tgk lagi..
    bru je review..
    hu hu hu…
    graphix gedabak cantek tgk dari screenshot..
    xsaba2 nak tunggu dier nyer sub..!!!
    hu hu hu

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