Appleseed: EX Machina

ES.W.A.T elite member Deunan & Briareos returns when Olympus egulfes again in another crisis. A visual-communication product called the connexus spreads a cyber-virus signal that is capable controlling both humans & bioroids. This Sequel is Directed,Supervised and Produced by the Collaboration between Shinji Aramaki & John Woo. Original title from the manga by Masamune Shirow.

When Briareos was severely injured on a recent task. Olympus creates a new bioroid of similar fighting abilities using his DNA. The new soldier, codenamed “Tereus” has the exact same face Briareos once had before he was turned into a Hecatonchire-Class cyborg due to major body loss. Tereus is then assigned to partner with Deunan, this is a direct order from the ruler *Athena* in order to asses his true potential.

The Cyber Plague infected most of the human citizens. Causing a riot attack upon the empire. But the situation worsens when Briareos himself is among the infected and is on the loose. How will Deunan react to the situation given? Will Tereus complicate the matter? Or will Briareos overcome the infection & settle things solely?

DVD-Rip (English Audio Only) + SRT Subs (Rename the Subs according to the Video File Name)


DVD-Rip with Both Japanese/English Audio & Subs can be found at Blitz-Anime

720p Blue-Ray Rip with Japanese Audio & English-Softsubs can be found at THORA.


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