Sword of the Stranger (Summary)

Well, this is probably the Best Samurai Anime-Movie ever produced for the last 5 years. The story tells about a Nameless Samurai “Nanashi” who wanders through various places in the Feudal Era of Japan. By Chance, he made contact with a boy.. Wandering too at that. The boy “Kotarou” is actually a decendent of the Ming Dynasty and is currently being chased for his blood. The Ming Emperror wants his blood in order to make an Immortality Drug which is a popular lie of the time.

On their first encounter, they were attacked by the first soldier who found the boy’s hiding place in a abandoned temple. Luckily a wandering samurai (Nanashi) was there by chance and he fought against the soldier. The first battle was not easy, the enemy utitilizes the use of his Thick Rope to Tie & Smash his enemy. Nanashi was cornered at some point during the fight but Kotarou’s Dog (Tobimaru) saves him from the Kunai Strike. He then unties the rope to the edge of his swords and Jumped when being attack by the enemy, thus tieing the rope back to it’s wielder. Nanashi takes this chance to deliver the last strike to kill.

Shortly after, Both Nanashi & Kotarou introduced themselves to each other and developed a special Man-Child Bond. Kotarou learns a lot from Nanashi, including How to Ride Horses to basic Survival tips. Nanashi agreed to help Kotarou to find a Doctor for his Injured Dog “Tobimaru” and send them both to a certain Temple which is said to have an old aquiantance of the Kid.

However, when they arrived.. Kotarou was tricked upon coming back with the soldier who is chasing him. His old aquaintance “Shuon” actually helped the soldiers to capture Kotarou fearing that his life would end instead.

From there on, Nanashi is in persue of those soldiers which is now ready for the Sacrificing Ceremony at the designated Fortress. Be prepared to engage one of the best anime samurai fights ever!

Sword of the Stranger Blu-Ray Rip Subbed by Yoroshiku & Thor-Anime


6 thoughts on “Sword of the Stranger (Summary)

  1. cheit..!!!
    ader plak DDL.. arghhh!!!
    nasib baik toront da siap..
    soo tadi aku review jap movie ni..
    juz skip2…
    aku tgk samurai..
    mmg genre aku..
    jadi mlm nnt aku akan layan..
    thx man for recomendkan movie ni kat aku…
    luv it..! hahaha

  2. siyes gile…
    first bile aku da abis sedut movie nih.. aku skip2 jer..
    then hati aku da terjatoh kat movie ni..
    movie ni simple dimple tp mmg besh!!!
    gile besh..!!
    5/5 arr.. mmg superb!!!!
    final fight scene tu paling besh.. muahahaha

  3. Aku dah refer balik Spec Ko dkt forum, Boleh je tgk. Sedangkan aku masa pakai P4 dulu boleh lepas play 720p (Sangkut skit je masa nk start, pastu lepas biarkan nanT dia stabil).
    RAM ko skarang 2GB.. DDR2 plak tu, Akunyer dulu 1GB DDR je. Pastu 8400GS ko patutnya power skit daripada Radeon 9550 aku yg lama. mmg lepas ah..

  4. sepatutnya la ..
    tapi kekadang tu lag gak
    ntah nape
    nak kata byk run program
    tak de la sgt
    aku tgk kat ctrl+alt+del
    ntah apa2 ntah yg pemprosesan sdg berjalan
    nak kata virus/adware ke apa ..
    dah run byk kali da
    tu la yg pelik pc aku ni

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