Sengoku Basara Cross Review

Another fresh fighting game tested for your information pleasure..

Sengoku Basara Cross is a VS Fighting game based on the Devil Kings series by Capcom. A game very similar to the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors series. However, this time Capcom decided to let ArcSys do the job since they’re making it as a VS Fighting game. Probably after the success of Guilty Gears series.

The sprite animation in Basara Cross is somewhat “barely sufficient” like HnK did. Backgrounds are in 100% 2D i think. Comical elements are left intact like some previous gg-based titles. Mostly appears when stuff like “Clashing” happens.

Players are ordered to select either one of the two bodyguards at the Character select screen. These ‘bodyguards’ will stay at the background layer of the stage until you call for them “Press the X button”. As a Bonus, you can also do a Super Special Tag Move should you press X right-after you execute a normal super special with a minimum of 1 level. These bodyguards have an icon & meter of their own right beneath the Character’s icon. So every one of those Maximum 5 Power Levels are yours only to use. None of the bodyguards will reduce your power. There are times when you must wait a little until they’re able to “Assist” you again.

This game have been tested with PCSX2. But the speed sucks, lol.


10 thoughts on “Sengoku Basara Cross Review

  1. hey hey quisiera saber como hago un *ko* osea cuales son los botones q hay q aplicar ya q esta la barra llena

  2. Hiya, I was wondering how you got Sengoku Basara X to run well on pcsx2? I downloaded your pcsx2 384 x3 but it is only running at 30fps in battle.
    I’ve got a decent rig (Q6600, 8800GTX, 2gb Ram).


  3. Your computer specs are quite similar to mine except that your cpu is faster. Have you tried Enabling the Speed-Hacks? (Config > Speed Hacks > Turn on Box 1 to 4). To be honest, i myself couldn’t run the game any faster. We’ll just have to wait for more Compatibility updates of the Graphics Plugin soon.

  4. What plugins/settings would you recommend to run SBX? I tried with the settings I use for KoF XI but it didn’t work. I am able to get XI running 55-80 FPS with my current plugins, but only get like 25-30 on SBX and the graphics are completely screwed up. My setup:
    ZeroGS KOSMOS 0.97.1
    ZeroSPU2 0.4.6
    SSSPSX PAD Plugin Pressure Mod 1.7.0
    Linuzappz Iso CDVD 0.7.0
    USA v2.00 Bios

    Centrino Core 2 Duo 2.0 GHz
    ATI Mobility RADEON HD 2600
    4 GB Ram + 4 GB Readyboost

  5. Unfortunately, my answer is still the same as above. The slowness of SBX is not caused by our lack of computer spec. Instead, it was due to the lack of PCSX2’s Programming. I assume you already know that PCSX2 is still Work-In-Progress.

    BTW, my PCSX2 settings are:

    Gsdx rev852 (MSVC 15,00, SSSE3) v1.10 (Renderer: Hardware, D3D internal resolution: The smaller the faster. Set to Native for Default Game Resolution. Interlacing: None is Faster, but if the graphics are teared/shred then try enabling Weave bff or Blend bff. You’re also a Core 2 Duo user so only the SSSE3 version of Gsdx will work best)
    SSSPSX PAD Plugin Pressure Mod 1.60 (Rumble Enabled Gamepad)
    CDVD 0.1.0 (Fastest DVD/ISO Plugin, available in my Recent Uploads)
    ZeroSPU2 0.4.6
    USA Bios v2.00 or Europe 1.60 (Must use Europe bios to play Tekken 5)

    Another way to speed-up games is by using the Speed-Hacks Tab:
    – The first 2 box under Overflow & Underflow section can increase game speed but sometimes makes the game unplayable. You’ll have to experiment this option in all the games you play for best performance.

    The other is at the Sync-Hacks Tab:
    – Enable all 3 box in Sync Hacks, but i recommend to only enable the 1st & 2nd box (x2). Because the 3rd box (x3) usually breaks games.

    Sometimes, by enabling “Flush to Zero” & Denormals are Zero” within the “Advanced Tab” can Greatly improve game speed, but some games might go BLANK. So this in another option you’ll have to experiment.

    My Computer Spec:
    Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4Ghz
    Corsair Value Select 2GB DDR2 667mhz RAM
    ATI Radeon HD 3650XT (800mhz Core, 1000mhz Memory)

    Guess what, i only get 30 FPS with these options & spec. :\ Any higher spec than this can be called ABSURD for a 2D game. That’s why i said earlier that the lack of speed is not our fault. This is also the reason i create this blog section in order to share PCSX2’s improvement from time to time.

    If you’re wondering, i’m not one of the people who program this stuff. Just another public tester.

  6. Ok thanks for the info. I downloaded the one from the link you provided and yeah I only get like 25-30 fps in SBX, but other games like MvC2 and KoF XI work perfectly fine 60 fps. I just thought when you said it worked fine in the emu at the end of the review you meant it worked at full/near full speed so I got my hopes up, heh. I can wait for improvements in the future to play SBX hopefully down the line.

    Overall it’s all good tho, since for the most part I got Pcsx2 because I wanted to play XI and it works fine ^_^ everything else is just extra. I will try to tinker around with the configs and see if I can get it working for Neowave, CvS 2, 98 UM, and Accent Core + which all are either too slow or freeze atm.

    Oh, and would you recommend using Pixel Shader 2.0 or 3.0? I don’t notice much of a difference in XI. Is it a big difference in other games? I have been using 3.0.

  7. Really, it was that very reason you think so? I Must Apologize. -_-; i only meant about the game having no graphical glitches by that last sentence, the Speed is another case. Since this is an emulator, i’m testing various games i have with the mindset that not all games will be smooth as i’d hope. But i know several people with insane computer specs to achieve better speed. They really did, but it’s just plain crazy to have that kind of result with such budget.

    I haven’t notice a big difference yet in either Pixel Shaders, but it’s probably better to go with PS 3.0 if you’re playing 3D games.

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