Now, what was missing from my blog for some time? Anime Reviews! That’s it. The Heck i’ve been doin’ lately? Of course i’d never stop watching, it’s just that my gaming side took me away for a while. ;p

Amatsuki tells the story of Tokidoki Rikugou who is trapped inside a virtual world after wearing a Virtual Reality device when attending a certain event. The world where he landed was similar to that of Edo Period in Japan’s Past. However, at some point.. Toki was attacked by a Demon which currently infests the world. The Device broke and he was heavily injured.

Fortunately, there was a wandering Female Samurai nearby. She “Kuchiha” saved Toki from the demons and they would later go a certain Shrine where they met with “Gyouten” who is said to have the lead the faction among humans on the era. The other faction, that is the Demons is lead by “Bonten”. Humans & Demons have been opposing each other as long as they can remember.

One day, Toki was told that his left eye holds a bizzare power second to “Kaiten”. The highest level of God in the Amatsuki universe. He, what they call as a “Blank Page” is the only one who is not bound by the “Heavens Net”. Thus is chased and Persuaded by both factions to be of their best interest.

Though this anime seemed very entertaining to me, i simply cannot recommend this title to those of you who have little patience in hearing massive dialogues. Learn to be more understanding and capturize the story within each characters developement wether it’s fast or slow. To be Honest, by truly understanding the dialogues, it gives you more of a “feeling” rather than just waiting for action. In simple words, it’s already very entertaining to just be hear or see the characters interact within the story. Thus made you felt more cautious of the situation within the story before the action part folds.

The second thing to note is that this title is developed by Studio Deen. Which means it uses a lot of “Bright Colouring” and expect the main cast of “Clean/Beautiful Boys”. Though there’s nothing to be worried about, they’re not yaoi or anything. Just being a bit too friendly at times. lol

Episodes so far: 13, No clue as of yet if there’s a second season



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