PURE (Express Review)

I started playing the PC version of PURE last night, and to my surprise the game was quite fun and packed with beautiful graphics. Even the installation space needed is just 4.9GB. Not too shabby for a New-Gen game. I don’t have much experience playing ATV-based games. But when i played PURE for the first time, it felt good but not anything near awesome. Why? because my high spirits were hampered by the SLOW LOADING (Over 48 seconds) before i even start a race. That’s really a bad early impression. Thank god the Easy to Adapt gameplay and beautiful graphics saved my mood.

There are 3 types of races in PURE, which is RACE, SPRINT and FREESTYLE. You’ll understand directly just by hearing the names of the modes. Race is regular race with those who come top at the finish line. Sprint is like time attack with best speeding racer owns the short lengthed track.. and Freestyle is a mode where you must land multiple tricks in order to score massive points where only the highest scorer will prevail.

There’s no jump button. Instead, it’s renamed to PreLoad because you’ll need to prepare the jumping strings before you could do a high jump. Press the PreLoad button as you ride upward cliffs (Right Ctrl on the Keyboard), the higher you jump and the more tricks you can perform. There are a choice of 3 buttons to performs tricks & stunts, divided into Basic, Intermediate and Expert.

Each time you do a trick, the Trick Meter on down right below will be filled and your speed will increase. You’ll also be granted with Nitro as the Trick Bar fills higher. Press the Nitro button (Space Bar) before making a jump. Intermediate & Professional Tricks can only be done when your trick meter is more than half of the bar.

Tricks can also be Tweaked/Doubled by pressing the Trick Tweak button (A). Trick points will be doubled or tripled according to how many times you tweaked your tricks/stunts. You can also do a special version of each trick by pressing the Trick Special button (Q) while doing tricks/stunts.

All of the ATV parts are customisable with Licensed components. So this should cover the lack of superstar Racers.

To my surprise, there’s also a Vibration support. Even for common china-made USB Gamepads. To tell you the truth, i was at home alone last night.. and i often heard wierd rumbling noises as i do fast turns in the game. At first i thought it was just the sound effects. But i was too real and close to be true. It didn’t occur to me that it was actually my Gamepad rumbling. LOL! Caught me silly. XD

The game features 12 track locations, each split into several tracks, offering over 50 events in overall. Players can customize all 22 quad bike components and race with up to 16 players online (and also suffer horrible lag).


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