Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway [PC] (Express Review)

Another game which is currently hot in debate amongst FPS fans. I’m not a great FPS player anyway so i’ll just sum up anything i’ve tested instead.

Debate Referrence:

Players will again reprise the role as the Fictional Staff-Sergeant Matt Baker. He is a recon leader from the 101st AirBorne division and in charge of a team of Brits, Americans, and Dutch resistance fighters sent on a desperate reconnaissance mission. Throughout the game you will see changes in Baker’s mental state. He is often haunted by the spirit of PFC. Leggett, who was killed in the first game Road to Hill 30. He also starts to see other hallucinations, which causes Sgt. Hartsock to question if he is still capable to lead his men.

BIA:HH offers you squad command while you yourself as the Sergeant fight to clear to road to Hell’s Highway in order to wipe out the Nazi’s. Well, the story is to be continued in future installment of the series so you won’t be seeing a Hitler right now. You’ll be heading to Berlin next time.

Storytelling supervised by the retired Colonel John Antal is Epic. He is able to put players as if they were plunged into the war itself, experiencing the hardships that soldiers face during WW2. Even though much of the characters are fictional, Antal managed to blend true happenings through the eyes of his fictional character. The single player mode is no doubt the BEST part of Hells Highway. Some even say that BIA:HH feels like a Lost Episode of the Band of Brothers.

In each mission, you can have a Recon Report by scouting a designated area. There, you can read tons of historical summary regarding the events that happened at the place.

Alternate between squads you command by pressing the Tab button. Press number 4 to have them follow you. Each squad has their own specialty. Drag the crosshair using the Right mouse button and unhold it towards any place to Move or to the enemy for an Attack Order. Yes, i know the game has bugs regarding the squad bots. Sometimes they can’t follow you through narrow routes, sometimes they pass through an object irregularly. But this is version 1.0, just hope for some updates soon. There’s NO JUMP in this game. I guess it’s forgivable, You can’t just jump around happily as if WW2 is a fantasy shooter right? This is war we’re talkin’ about, if the players are given too much freedom then i’m sure that they won’t bother commanding their squads.

I’m so hoping that those A.I will be improved drastically in future installments or updates. As of now, i can only be honest to say that the bots intelligence in BIA:HH still cannot be compared to CoD4. The shooting part may get harder when you change the difficulty, but the enemy just won’t get near you even when the line is completely clear. That sure made some FPS fans angry.

No life bar doesn’t mean you could’t know how to differentiate between healthy & near death states. As you receive bullet hits from the enemy, the background will be blurred in blood red. Indicating that you must quickly take cover before matt dies. The thicker the color, the more serious the injury is.

You’ll also be able to control a Sherman Tank which can fire a cannon and use a placed machine-gun. The tank is very easy to control. However, there are realism planted in it’s use, enemies must attack at the tank’s side/rear position in order to defeat it. Just in-case if the enemy attacks are offensive at times, press Q and your tank gunner will take cover inside the tank.

Multiplayer in BIA:HH PC version is a bit disappointing, the graphics in online modes are LESS similar to the single player missions. This is due to Rockstar New England in charge of developing the online mode instead of the original team. Causing it to feel “lighter” than the original game.

The game has graphical scenes where you’ll see civilians hanged by the Nazi soldier. You’ll also see enemy body parts blown apart by the explosion. It’s rated MA 15+ for Strong Violence.

10/11/08 – Completed the Story mode of Hells Highway, i was supposed to have finished this game a week earlier if it were not because my old monitor breaking down and the irritating graphics glitch that i just recently found the solution. Anyway thanks Gearbox for making such a great game. It was my first legal copy for the FPS genre, and i am quite satisfied with it. Especially the storyline in single player mode. Though the multiplayer mode can be improved a lot more, i think it would’ve also be great to input a skirmish mode where players can compete with the CPU along with their squads. Needless to say that BIA is in need combination between new and old elements of the previous ones for the 4th series. Take a look at the marvellous ideas that fans have state in the Gearbox Forums. If it could be done, then there’s no doubt the upcoming 4th series will indeed be AWESOME!


2 thoughts on “Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway [PC] (Express Review)

  1. aku tak main lagi
    penat nak dolod..kalo beli cetak punya, dah 30 inggit
    aku suka gem FPS zmn perang dolu²

    off topic: Storm rider clash of evils ada tayang kat sini 20/11/08
    GSC ada amik..apa lagi…layan~

  2. Yep, ni WW2 nye game. Serious Best Storyline dia. Sizenya dlm 6GB.

    Cetak mmg camtu, kebanyakkan tmpt dkt JB pun RM15 per DVD. Cuma dkt Skudai je dpt RM10 sekeping, tapi jauh nk pi dkt 20 minit.

    Mula2 aku bli cetak dlu, bila dah test best trus aku beli ori nye. Game FPS mmg RM129 keatas kalo ori, maklumlah nilai matawang kita. Harga dkt singapore 50% lebih murah.

    Arituh aku dah sediakan ruang untuk pertanyaan yg tidak berkait, boleh post dkt ruangan Questions & Answers. Paperhalpun thx for the info.

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