Left 4 Dead [PC] (Express Review)

It took a day late for the courier to bring this new valve baby back home, probably because there were so many people who bought it due to it’s price. As promised, they gave me 2 Left 4 Dead optical Mouse-pads and a Poster. Gosh, that’s kind of nice for a non-premium-edition stuff! XD Anyway, the online mode server opens today, so as always.. i’m not gonna do a full review for the single player. I’ll just point-out the important things about the game itself and then rush through the co-operative online mode.

Well damn, i just got this stuff 2 hours ago before having some difficulty to scan the whole box due to it’s size. No i don’t have a good hi-res camera, that’s why i had to scan it.

Immediately after install, i jumped through the Online Mode and Picked an Advanced Difficulty Online Co-operative play. To my surprise, it was helluva lot more fun rather than playing with cpu bots. This is simply because real players have much more strategy and traits.

Although there’s also a versus gameplay where 8 Lan/Online players can participate. The Online Campaign mode is easily the best mode around. Since it’s basically the same as the original story mode but with real people as players. Real Players are the best factors of gaming. That’s where the suspence, rivalry and team work shines as the group of four paves through horrific zombie massacre. Online Campaign mode has it’s advantages for gamers with slower internet connection, as only 4 people player together the lag is very low. Steam client will automatically find gamers nearby according to your profile.

The sound changes to an eerie-like theme each time your group is ambushed by a horde of zombies. This initiates the suspence as the gameplay mechanic stirs your emoticon when you are rioted in several ways by the zombies. However, the zombies are not really that frightening. It’s just the adrenaline rush of the gameplay which makes you feel so intense with whatever that’s left of your team.

Whenever a boss or should i say Tank zombie arrives, there should be minor quakes. Tank zombies will appear at least once in every stage. He will try to catch the survivors and blow them away with a giant swing. If he’s from afar, he’ll do a hulk-like land mashing that sends players flying to the edge. It’s very dangerous if your life is very little at that point of time. Coz he will squash the incapacitated to death. Unless there are some cocky friends neary who wish to take the blow or distract him for you. You’re Dead! Tank is also capable of throwing large objects.

As long as at least one member of the player survives, the others will have a chance to respawn at a certain room nearby. Dead players will have to wait until surviving player rescue them. Let’s say, some of the players leave the game. Your mission will not end. Instead, he or she who left will be replaced with a cpu a.i.

Since there is an intelligent Evil A.I Director implemented in the game, zombies won’t appear at the same route each time you play. Causing a less detectable enemy movement.

Weapon selections are very typical and standard, there’s nothing much to dig-in. The variety of weapons are just enough to let you play with standard variations of strategy. Which means you’ll have a so-so impression regarding the weapons you can use. Aiming Accuracy and ease of control are very nicely done since this is from the people who made Counter-Strike.

You must help your team mate in order to ensure the longest survival. There are several types of zombies that will hinder your way as you escape the town. Hunter zombies are what i hate most since they like to pince players until somebody knocks or shoot them off. Smoker is also annoying as he has a long, whip-like tongue which can stretch up to 15 meters (50 feet). It can strangle Survivors and drag them away from their team mates, or dangle them a foot off the ground if pulled from a rooftop. When the Smoker is destroyed, it leaves a haze of green smoke that distorts the players vision in the game and causes the character to start coughing, preventing them from using voice commands. The least annoying zombie was Witcher, they are normally passive and can be avoided by careful players, but flashlight beams, physical contact, prolonged staring, and loud sounds such as gunfire or car alarms in their vicinity rouse them, causing them to attack whichever player startled them. The lethality of a witch is dependent on the difficulty of the game, and on the “expert” difficulty, the witch can kill (not just knock down) a player in one attack.

Challenge Achievements status will be displayed online in your left 4 dead steam profile. You can add friends to join your group and game.

Left 4 Dead has a High Replayability due to mentioned factors above, it will surely keep you busy until more awesome games arrive next year. You don’t have to be disappointed with the fact that Left 4 Dead uses a long-driven Counter-Strike: Source engine as it is tweaked quite well to suit the needs of current gaming generation. At the end of this review, all i can say is that you’ll like this game if the multiplayer goes well with your taste. If not, then you’d probably better off with other FPS titles.

Update: https://man3k.wordpress.com/2009/04/21/left-4-dead-survival-pack-pc-update-is-now-available/


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