Prince of Persia (PC) [Express Review]

As Promised, an express review as soon as my copy of the Brand New Prince of Persia arrived. Priced at RM149, the new PoP presents a brand new adventure unrelated to previous series. Thus, making it a good to try title for newcomers. The version i bought is imported from Australia by NewEra, it’s RM30.00 cheaper compared to the US version (the exact same thing). I was also told that there is an Exclusive Edition of the game at

As soon as you’re inside the game, you’ll be presented with a fantasy like magical menu.

In the Extras, there’s a Skin Manager where you can enter codes to unlock special outfits for both Prince of Persia and Elika. Among the favourites are Assassins Creed Altair Skin and the Prince of Persia: Sands of Time skin.

The story starts off with the new prince facing sandstorm in search of his donkey. It was important to him as it carries golds that he found throughout his adventures. But then, he stumbles upon a woman who jumped upon his body while running from a bad company. He decides to go after her and come to the rescue.

While facing enemies, Press the Left Mouse button to attack, Right Mouse button to Block or Deflect, R to use Gauntlet attack to claw up the enemy, Space to do an Acrobatic attack and E to use Elika’s Magic Attack. Thinking back, the new prince’s Gauntlet is a bit similar to Nero’s Devil Bringer in Capcom’s Devil May Cry 4. Of course, PoP’s Gauntlet has it’s own usage.

Press T to talk to elika in order to find out what’s going on around. She will catch you up if you fall down. There is no dying in the game, even in bossfights. Actually there is not much difference between dieing and being saved by Elika.. in both ways you will return to the checkpoint. Being saved doesn’t mean you couldn’t care if the prince falls, because some routes are quite long and hard to repeat. You’ll surely want to do it right.

After two fights, you’ll find out that elika is the princess of a certain tribe. She was chased by her father for reasons regarding the seal of a dark god. You won’t be able to use elika’s attack until you get inside the temple where all the action starts…

You’ll encounter several puzzles and usable objects in your adventures. It’s easy enough, use Direction to move when holding unto fissures and then use the run/jump (space) in order to move towards the upper/farther level.

Right Click the mouse button to grip the cliff should you want to go down safely. Remember to use your gauntlet to pull rings in high places, this will open special doors or just help you go your way up should the road leads to upper areas.

When it’s too far to jump, just jump as far as you could and press E to let elika throw you further.

Elika’s father slashed down the holy tree and ends up releasing the dark god Ahriman.. All Hell Breaks Loose.

Allright.. now it’s your turn to clean up the mess. Use your skills wisely and all is not lost. Early boss fight is nothing too serious, just focus and your attacks will surely hit the enemy. Be sure to time your blocks accordingly to deflect the enemy’s attack. Combo with your acrobatic attacks and Elika’s magic and that’s it! However, one thing i find missing was the variety of weapon which the previous series has a lot to offer. Now it’s like a 3rd Person Fighting Game with Not so many skills. To tell the truth, Elika has newfound powers that can be unlocked. But hey, this is the PRINCE we’re talking about.. other concerns can wait.

That was just the beginning, there’s still several minions to defeat before you can go head to head with the Dark God.

Press Tab to open the World Map and choose your destination. This makes the adventure non-linear as you get to choose missions that you want to beat first. Press E to see the path of destination so that you get lost.

A scene where elika’s vision about the dark god’s minions was shared with the prince.

Some other Platforming Action.. Kinda reminded me of Sonic the Hedgehog with all the slippery slides. So instead of having to explore very different places (like a ship or something else), you’ll just go to places which may only look different but doesn’t really act and feel differently. Sure, they can add puzzles and different types of slides and collapsing objects. But that’s all part of world element. Which means, it’s nothing too different from any other stages.

Beware of Ahriman’s slimy slugs, it can.. er.. well, it’s nothing actually since elika will eventually save you again. -_-; This saving function was originally developed to minimize the player’s stress. Especially to new and casual gamers. It’s another story if elika was controlled by a 2nd player, but being saved time and time again by a CPU makes you feel unaccomplished as a gamer. They should’ve input some kind of limit or condition at the very least. However, after playing more of the game.. i’ve seen how hard the platforming can be and it’s a good thing that you can be saved and brought to a nearby checkpoint rather than replaying the whole area. šŸ™‚

1st bossfight after the prolog. There’s no need to give up when elika’s always there to save you! Enemy HP will increase every time you fail to counter their attack or saved by elika.

1 ugly minion defeated, time to purify the area. There’s more than 20 areas to complete. Each with it’s own unique platforming difficulty, puzzles and bossfight strategies. This should keep the rest of your 2008 occupied until a new game arrives next year.

Elika needs to be given Light Seeds, you’ll get to find more of them after a bossfight. It might be troublesome to reach the ones at high places.

When a certain number of light seeds are collected, you will be able to unlock elika’s new power back at the temple. This will add more of her skill and enable her to use more power platforms in order to jump or fly to higher areas.

New Prince of Persia is a game with very nice illustration-like graphics, you can never understand the true beauty of it’s graphics by just looking at my screenshots. Try watching a video before making up your mind. Due to the weaknesses i’ve mentioned above, the new PoP might seem less challenging than it’s predecessors. Which can be a sad thing for longtime fans who seek the most hardcore epic adventure. However, if you’re new to the series of just want a taste of the story. This is a very good title that let’s you end your journey in satisfaction. Ubisoft Montreal did a splendid job in realizing the fantasy theme whilst making the combat system much more exciting.

There’s no need to be influenced by the people’s hatred towards the new trilogy. They call themselves longtime fans of the PoP franchise but they don’t seem to understand gaming business. Ubisoft had to revamp the franchise in order to grasp a larger worldwide attention. Rather than just pleasing hardcore PoP fans who don’t really seem to care about others. Prince of Persia should be a title that is able to be played and enjoyed by all walks of life.

Despite it’s shortcomings of functions and depth, there’s really nothing so bad about it. I perfectly LOVE the new control scheme which is easy enough for almost anybody to play with.

2 things i’m least satisfied:

  • The prince’s voice, he sounds more like a modern man instead of an ancient hero. Could be better.
  • Lack of function variability and gaming depth. I don’t mind just doing Platforming and Collecting Light Seeds. But the puzzles are clearly very minimal. The same goes when in combat, there could have been more weapons, powers or skills to use rather than just Tag Combos which will bore you out after a week.
  • The game gets really challenging *For Me* only when i’ve finished about 70% of the game

Regarding computer specs, any Core 2 Duo PC equipped with a Mid-Range Graphics Card will just enough to play this game in it’s highest performance. Any less and you’ll be playing this game in Medium detail. Ubisoft Montreal utilizes Havok physics engine so that you can enjoy the game without having to bother replacing your graphics card. Any graphics card with Shader Model 3.0 would suffice. I advise to clean your gpu fan before playing.

Unlike some other companies like EA and 2K Sports, Ubisoft doesn’t have any kind of rule or contract that could made them obliged to only use PhysX from nvidia. So each sub-studio have their own choice of what tools to use.

Official Website:

Head to ubi forums to read more Prince of Persia reviews.

A Japanese Dubbed version of Prince of Persia has arrived to the Xbox 360 and will be coming soon to Playstation 3 on 22 January.

Also, have a look at Japanese Edition Prince of Persia Wallpaper:


5 thoughts on “Prince of Persia (PC) [Express Review]

  1. huu. wah wah wah.. ko dah main yek game ni..

    tgk game kali ni ada watak pompuan teman dia lwn skali on the journey yek.. teringat PoP yg Sand of the time.. pun journey ngan aweks.. best ni.. baru x boring ada teman.. huhuhu..

  2. @Schmutz: Anything that helps me not to buy the expensive nvidia shall be appreciated. Including the alternative Havok Game Physics Processing. =D


    ahaha.. ko kagum, aku plak terkedu bila tgk isi dompet aku. T_T; Tapi nk wat camne, game yg aku btol2 minat harus jua aku sapot!! hehehe XD Tapi yg sebenarnya aku beli game PoP ni dgn harga RM119 je selepas diskaun RM30 bila aku gunakan points terkumpul aku.

    @Apek: Yep, tu aku suka dgn ubisoft kali ni. Diorang berjaya buat game omputih mempunyai nilai fantasi yg setanding dgn game2 dari jepun. Walopun siri baru ni terdapat banyak kekurangan fungsi yg dibuang daripada siri lama. Tapi aku percaya apa jua perubahan yg memudahkan lebih ramai golongan untuk bermain adalah baik. Selebihnya boleh ditambah dlm sambungan.

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