Kings Bounty: The Legend (PC) [Express Review]

It’s very rare to hear or see Russian Developers make an anstounding videogame. But Kings Bounty: The Legend will change that perception. In Fact, it is evidently better than popular games of the similar genre. At a glance, Kings Bounty looks A LOT like 4th Heroes of Might & Magic series. However, this game contains more depth than it’s outer looks. Although the game does not have building creation features, most of the other functions in this game will suck you deep inside the adventure.

The plot seems rather usual for a mythical adventure. But it has nice blend of modern influence especially when you’re talking to Lina the Ice Spirit, one of the weapons inside the Chest of Rage. The chest utilizes the hero’s anger in order to summon various weapon spirits to assist battle.

The graphics in KBTL is a very nice mix of 2D and 3D interface. Most of the Menu and character portraits are done in 2D in order to give a middle-age feeling to the game’s character as this is a game based on mythical legends. It just wouldn’t feel right if the portraits are done in 3D because it doesn’t have that cloudy mystical classic feel to it. Well, maybe it can be realised in a full featured CGI animation. But that’s just too costly. The rest however, is done in rich animated 3D graphics as most other games are made today.

I really am lost of words to praise the game. It’s like this is everything a HoMM Fan would love. Except the part where you couldn’t create buildings and gather resources. Another thing to note is that it doesn’t have neither LAN or Online mode. That wraps up my shortest game review ever. KBTL is priced at RM139.

FYI, Kings Bounty is a Franchise discovered by the creators of the original Might & Magic Franchise, New World Computing. It was considered to be the Predecessor of Heroes of Might & Magic series. Heroes of Might & Magic 4 was the last game NWC developed under the ownership of 3DO. The fifth series was developed by Nival Interactive under the guidance of ubisoft who currently owns the franchise.


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