The Last Remnant (PC) [Express Review]

The long awaited Square-Enix PC comeback title has arrived. It came a bit late in Malaysia & Singapore. Today was the fastest i could manage. I was a bit unwilling at first since the copy i bought was imported from europe instead of australia. What does this mean? It means higher price. RM179 (37 Euro/49 USD) is a bit steep in my opinion. But it was okay since this a depthed game with lots of places to dig in. TLR comes in 2 DVD’s and the manuals are in full colour.

Spec-wise TLR still needs a Mid-Range computer with C2D Proc and a GPU such as 9600GT to 9800GT or 4830. The game is built using Unreal Engine 3 so like it or not it favours Nvidia GPU’s a bit more. For ATI users, You’ll encounter lag when the shadow detail & texture is set high. But have no fear, other options can be left at highest excluding shadows. You will still have a very beautiful and well-performed graphics when playing.

The Last Remnant is set in a fictional world featuring a number of distinct humanoid races; the Mitras, most human in appearance, the Yamas, strong fish-like people, the Qsitis, small reptilians, and the Sovannis, feline people with four arms. The story of the game revolves around “remnants”, mysterious and coveted ancient artifacts of varying shapes and sizes which possess magic powers and which have been the cause of several wars throughout the game’s history. As Remnants come in varying forms, all cities throughout the world have one that their ruler is bound to that assist to govern and bring peace to their assigned realm.

Unlike most Japanese RPG games, characters in TLR acts as a union. You’ll have many characters in a union and they share combined lifepoints. Total union lifepoints will be higher as each character lifepoints increases after battle. There aren’t any experience indicator for levelling purpose. You will need to battle again and again in order to obtain skill upgrade.


Press W,A,S,D to move. Change camera options at Settings > Mouse Logo > Mouse Camera Settings > Change to Standard, this will let you rotate camera view using mouse without having to hold right click. Enter to Drill, Open Door and other Obvious actions. Spacebar to initiate battle, wait until the indicator on the monster changes. Then press spacebar. Otherwise the enemy will be taking attack initiatives first. When battlling, standby at arrow keys for battle response such at Critical Offense, Block & Dodge. Press P to change critical settings, battle responses can be set to auto. Critical responses will be much easier but the leaving you feel a bit bored because you’re too relaxed. Press Z before choosing battle options to see types of moves your union member will do according to what you choose. Healing usually depends on the number of herbs you have and is applied injured members, non-injured members will be on standby while the others heal. However, you can choose to use mystic arts that also support healing. Healing mystic arts uses AP (Attack Power) instead of herbs, both HP and AP will replenish after every battle.

When choosing a battle action. Read the description written on the upper screen. It will help you decide actions in critical situations. This is because unlike final fantasy series, the last remnant’s battle action menu does give unexpected options according to different situations. Each turn is now more important than ever!

To simplify the battle actions:
– Attack/charge/backup friendly union
– Combat Art/Turn it Around
– Item Art/Hurry and heal them *Heal union without attacking*
– Mystic Art *effective against monsters*
– Keep your HP up *Attacks while recover using mystic arts*
– Hang in there/Save them no matter what *attack enemy and heal friendly union*
– Give Offensive Support *Attack while using support arts*
– Set up field with support arts
– Slam ’em with Ailments *exp: Poison*
– Standby/Standby but Counter if attacked
– Play by Ear *union character act by itself*

Some important functions i’d like to highlight:

NO RANDOM ENEMY – yes, you’ve heard it right. No more pokemon-style emerging monsters. You are able to see each monster union and choose wether to encounter it or not.

LINKS – a situation where you’ve caught the attention of nearby monsters and starts battle initiation near them. When the battle starts, you will end up fighting all of those monsters. But in addition to that, the battle rewards will be much higher and unexpected.

SHIFT – a function that manipulates the power of time. By pressing the shift button, you will be able to initiate battle with all of the monsters you’ve encountered. Enabling you to battle more monsters than what you can in your normal state.


TLR has many map sections, unfortunately each section of those maps are quite small compared to other J-RPG’s. Probably due to the heavy textures, each map section can only support a few shops/houses. This leads to repeatitive loading and kills the fun for those who are less patient.


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