Acar Buah is SRSBSNS

Due to an increase in demand, we have decided to upgrade our product quality. If previously we were selling acar buah with plastic bottles and home-printed labels, starting from today onwards we are painstakingly pursuing the next step in marketing quality products with Glass Bottles & Bussiness Class Sticker Labels.

Greater quality comes with greater work, as such we will need to rinse our bottles with hot water first before pouring the still-hot ingredients. We also took the time to seal our bottles with plastic wrap for better packaging. Please look forward for our renewned ad at


One thought on “Acar Buah is SRSBSNS

  1. acar sedap weh..!!!
    tp bukan aku yg kate la..
    mak aku yg kate…
    thx man bagi tester yg besar…!!

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