Plans for the Future…

The month of May & June has been quite busy for me, instead of the ordinary cooking and stock delivery to shops around the state. I am also required to complete several tasks in accordance to the upcoming food processing centre opening at Taman Skudai Baru. All these while i have been completing company profile, attending Entrepreneurship forums, seeking Entrepreneur agencies for help and guidance, submitting forms for various conditions upon setting up a shop like the Fire Department Certificate, designing signboard for the shop itself and most importantly.. constantly searching for more oppurtunities to enlarge the marketing coverage around the country.

With the help of SMIDEC, 50 to 80% of our monthly rent will be covered for 2 years as a sign of help from the government agency. This is the first out of six part of the Bantuan Geran perniagaan. Hopefully, this will reduce our burden when starting a new bussiness.

Currently, the shop owner is recruiting men to renovate the shop. Yes, my family rent it from them instead of buying. It’s a lot safer this way. We’ll see how our bussiness goes for the first 24 months. Allah Willing, if the outcome is encouraging.. we’ll continue to bring more goods to the community.

We at CTRON enterprise are always looking for ways to improve of products and services. But for the time being, let us finish our preparations for the shop first. We will soon be dealing with HDC to certify HALAL to our food products. After all this is settled, there should be more time for us to study food courses in order to create a larger variety of products.


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