Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Artbook

Just around 12:30 noon today, i’ve received my long-awaited Street Fighter 20th Anniversary Artbook. It took a week for the item to arrive since my middleman (morgan) said the seller posted this last saturday. Perhaps the delay was due to malaysia’s custom check? i dunno.

This 320 Page book covers a massive collection of Capcom’s Street Fighter artwork ranging from the oldest to latest ones drawn by various illustrators including the recently-moved Shinkirou from SNK. Meaning, anything that has to do with SF is inside the book.. both originals & crossovers (all except xmen vs series). The book is priced around 64.99usd to 58.90usd atm but it’s worth it if you’re a fan of the series. The paper quality suits best with it’s price, it’s quite thick and is glossy (dunno what type of paper is it anyway).

I am not a hardcore fan of street fighter, but i’ve played it since the NES years of Street Fighter II Turbo when i was about 6 years old back then. So the art really push me back to those years when fighting games are talk of the town. 😀 If you haven’t purchased capcom artbooks before, then this should be the best choice since it contains all artworks that were released on the previous books plus newer ones.

You can get the book through halcyonrealms or


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