Left 4 Dead 2 (PC) First Impressions

Simple Highlights:

  • More Guns/Rifles/Shotguns/Snipers/Grenade Launcher
  • New Function Melee Weapon Interchangeable with Gun Slot
  • More Zombie: Swat Zombie, Jockey, Wondering Witch, Charger, Spitter, Boomer 2.0, Smoker 2.0, Hunter 2.0, Tank 2.0
  • New Character
  • “Alarm Feature”, once you break/pass something that has an alarm. Your team must move and turn it off as fast as you can. Else the zombie mob will attack you endlessly
  • 6 Gameplay Modes: Single, Campaign, Versus, Realism, Survival, Scavenge
  • Five Campaign: Each campaign has 4 Part Map
  • Bigger Maps, remember Crash Course DLC for L4D? It’s big as that
  • Better Graphics: Heavier Texture, More Animation, Blown-away Zombie Physics, Zombie Body Parts Dispatchable, Gorier Zombie Incapitation
  • Imaginary Band Song + Appearance from http://www.midnight-riders.com/
  • A.I Director 2.0: All-Direction Scattered Chasing Mob

South-East-Asia L4D2 Pack (RM138) Includes:

  • 5 Posters
  • Limited Edition Left 4 Dead 2 NewWebPick Member Card: 1 Year Free Subscription of monthly e-magazine at http://ezine.newwebpick.com/register/, 10% off normal priced Graffi Tee brand items, 10% off total bill at Otak-Otak Place
  • 1 RM50 & RM30 discount card for Selected SteelSeries Gaming Mouse Product
  • Entitled to join Lucky Draw at http://www.safetree.com.my/onplay/luckydraw/
  • Download Free e-magazines at http://www.onplayzine.com/
  • 1 Game Installer DVD
  • 1 Bonus DVD containing 1 bonus Counter-Strike Source Map, 1 bonus Left 4 Dead Map, A selection of music from Allen Rosa, Onplayzine Flash-Based E-Gaming Magazine volume 1 & 2

Valve proves to their fans that L4D2 is indeed a game worth moving from the original title. L4D2 is bigger and packed with everything more than it’s predecessor. It’s characters may not be the best attraction to seasoned L4D players, but it’s functions are certainly worth the transition. About valves promise to not desert the previous L4D, we have to wait & see if there will be more contents for it after L4D2 release.

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