HORI Real Arcade Pro V3 SA

This is my first fight stick, i finally understood why fighting game enthusiasts are getting it. The lever and buttons are very responsive since it’s fully Sanwa loaded. If you’ve already memorized the moves, it will just get better with this. Especially for 3D fighting games. Juggle combo’s will connect easier & faster. Board weight is actually lighter than i imagined but never once did the board got carried during play. Some may say the board weight is imbalanced, but to me that really depends on the WAY you’re using it. Like putting it on top of a table or simply place it on top of your lap. Although not as long as the Full Hori Taito Viewlix Edition. The V3-SA is already longer than my FAT PS3. Which means u have enough space for your hand to rest. There is a small drawer at front that nicely keeps the cables when not in use. Some have complained about the start button placement would hinder gameplay, but as a guy with a fairly big palm myself i have no problems with it. Truly a high quality product. The only downside i could think of this model is concerning how easier the Full Viewlix editon can be opened for maintainance. As for the layout, although i have no experience using the viewlix control since it’s only available for the newest arcade machines recently. I have no problem adapting to this because i find it similar to the Versus-City layout that’s widely used in asian arcades.

Official Page: http://www.hori.jp/

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